Sunday, June 28, 2009

Studies in words

Sunny windy Sunday. Listening mostly these days to JSP bluegrass collections and Gary Higgins’ Red Hash; finished Le Fanu’s Uncle Silas, readable & well-written; “Your gown going off, such beauteous state reveals/As when from flowry meads th’hills shadow steales”—“beauteous” being the only word of seventeen which is doing no work; a summer romp with Marlowe perhaps; planting fuchsias in the front, cat on the side, in the sun; clothes, deaths, jobs, mirrors, trips, honestly, no real jolts or inspirations, just re-reading and re-listening, and re-seeing, so much, singly, yet minute and matter; “melancholy space and doleful time” (Wordsworth).

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Post-May Day


white spirit in hallways
everything after winter
wants cutting and trimming
reading and waiting while
garden advice drifts up the stairs
smoke vents implacably from
a chimney in each stack
a draught through all the doors
in the house ajar persistent as
a Watchtower hawker but
today is Sunday and our
front door is wide open for
an hour while the jamb dries

wonderful late Andrew Crozier;
a rainy Sat. though here; job upheaval;
mostly Old Time music; tea; “love is lovelier for lust”;
May birds, air; hardly purpose but pleasure to it all;
and later, a walk, alone.